Two-Fisted Toy Talk!

These Toys Aren't Going to Photograph Themselves…

Victory is Kit’s

My blog, like Douglas Adams’s five-volume Hitchhiker’s “Trilogy”, is increasingly inaccurately named. For proof, I cite the following, being a text message exchange between me and my friend Kit, who collects Hot Wheels Batmobiles.


Kit: I just got the last Batmobile (the Batman and Robin one).

Me: Truly the holy grail.

Kit: Indeed. Victory is mine.

Me: I can’t believe you call yourself a man after buying a toy from such a homoerotic movie. Incidentally, I finally bought one of those Lalaloopsy toys.

Kit: The Mad Hatter?

Me: Ooh, did they make a Mad Hatter?

Kit: Yeah, you’re talking about those, like, three-inch ones, right?

Me: Indeed. I keep waiting for some Oz-themed ones. I got some fortune telling Gypsy girl because she was discounted to $2, plus the dude in the bear suit because DON’T JUDGE ME!

Kit: No one judges you, little girl. You’re a princess. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Me: I was going for fairy mermaid, but princess will do.


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