Two-Fisted Toy Talk!

These Toys Aren't Going to Photograph Themselves…

Meet John Ra

A few months ago, as part of its lauded G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary series, Hasbro released an action figure of a character named Law and Order; technically, his codename is Law, and he comes with a dog named Order.

Here is Law as he appeared in 1987:


PhotobucketPhoto taken from eBay

Here is Law as he appeared in 2011:



Photo appears courtesy of Justin Bell

That 30th Anniversary head sculpt is stunning, and beneath the big vest the figure is rather nondescript, which I appreciate, because it means I can turn “Law” into something other than a military policeman; with all due respect to the military policemen of the world, MPs simply don’t light my creative fire.

I used the comical tribal mask from the Pursuit of Cobra Recondo figure to obscure the giant “MP” badge on Law’s bicep, and then I added a backpack and some straps and such to make him look more like a generic Adventure Team type.






He is truly a simple, cheap and easy kitbash, and I was inordinately thrilled with him… I just didn’t know what to call him.

A few weeks later, I took a weird staff accessory from a vintage Star Wars Gungan Warrior figure and donated it to “Law”:




And then I stole the chest armor from the Gungan and gave that to “Law”, too.




At this point, a series of vague but persistent notions coalesced in my weary brain, and suddenly I knew that this two-fisted Adventure Team badass is John Rawlins, a bold archaeologist who in the mid-1940s runs afoul of some sort of talisman (or whatever) during an expedition into an ancient pyramid (or whatever) and receives superhuman strength, like Superman, which he absorbs from the rays of our sun… like Superman.

The newspapers take to calling John Rawlins “John Ra”, and soon the most popular show on the radio is John Ra, The Solar-Powered American.

And then he beats up bad types and hunts for treasure and battles monsters and travels through time. Or whatever. Also, I finally gave up on the Gungan entirely, and so now John Ra has the poor critter’s belt, as well:




That was just a hasty shot so that I could share Malibu Stacy’s new hat at Hiss Tank; I had planned to eventually capture a stirring portrait featuring a background filled with something more rugged and adventure-like than faux brick, but then I packed up all my toys in preparation for our return to the States, so for now, this’ll have to suffice.

So there you have it, folks… a brief introduction to John Ra.

I hope ya like him.




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