Two-Fisted Toy Talk!

These Toys Aren't Going to Photograph Themselves…



This LBC—Lazy Bastard Custom, meaning a customized action figure that boasts no new paint or sculpting, but instead just a simple switching of body parts and gear—is one of my simplest: all I did was add an Altitude head to a Duke body. Still, for all his simplicity, he’s one of my favorite customs.

I couldn’t decide what to call him, so I took the easy way out and stole a name from one of my buddy GigaMach’s custom figures, Sir Benjamin “Bengal” Galvaston:

Sir Benjamin "Bengal" Galvaston

Now I’ll have to buy a tiger to justify the use of the name. What a pity!

Meanwhile, back in December, alongside my wife and seven-year-old daughter and our driver, I visited the famous salt mines in Khewra, and while my wife was busy shopping for some (admittedly cool) salt lamps, I was more interested in the salt scraps that littered the ground.

PhotobucketSalt lamps in Khewra.

PhotobucketThe lamp merchant’s work station.

PhotobucketA use for salt scraps that the merchant probably never anticipated.

I titled the above photo “Latitude and Longitude”, ’cause I like that the swirling patterns on the salt subtly give the impression of markings on a map.


I’ve written elsewhere (most notably at the Hiss Tank forums) that I wasn’t able to photograph toys during our brief stay in Khewra, for the simple reason that whenever I stopped long enough to pose a figure, I’d find myself suddenly surrounded by friendly locals; Westerners are even more scarce in Khewra then they are here in Lahore, and many locals think it great sport to have their photos taken with bald, pasty, overweight Americans with children’s playthings clutched in their fists.


The end result of this strange phenomenon is that, while I travel the world with my action figures, I only ever photograph them in my yard, where my audience typically consists only of my houseguards, who seem baffled but politely supportive.

Luckily, our yard is pretty great:



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